Sohrab Kashani is an artist whose work often delves into explorations of space, the body, and perception, with a focus on the examination of the self in relation to the "other" and questions of agency and community which results in a range of collaborative and extra-institutional initiatives including: The Other Apartment (2019-) and Darookhaneh Apotheke Pharmacy (2022/2024).

Sohrab adopts different personas as a way of being and existing, including Super Sohrab, an alter-ego superhero who employs satire and embraces failure as tools to navigate the complexities of everyday life and Museum of Sohrab, a living, breathing museum that is constantly in motion, with a collection comprising hundreds of objects, documents, as well as his memories and feelings.

Sohrab is the co-founder of Rabt space (2020-) in Tehran and founding director of Sazmanab (2008-), a curatorial platform that previously operated as an art space and residency programme in Tehran.
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